Latest technology and leading quality components

‘Smart cabling’ is the ‘buzz word’ at the moment in building industry, and we offer the latest technologies available. A structured cabling system is a set of cabling and connectivity products integrating telephone, computer, video and other management systems of your home or building.

Our structured cabling solutions enable full integration into just one package, allowing you to change the function of individual outlets as you desire. You’ll be able to do things like link your computers systems and peripherals, view DVDs on a variety of TVs at the same time, and access the Internet anywhere in the building.

Securemore Electronic Security Services with their structured cabling systems can make your home electronics manageable and organised. We totally custom-design and install our systems using the latest technology and leading quality components. Our installers are fully qualified and all work is fully guaranteed.

For this complete end-to-end cabling system speak to the experts at Securemore Electronic Security Services.