The latest in Small Office/Home Office/ Security technology

Securemore Electronic Security offers their customers everything from adding an extra telephone point or data point for a computer to the increasingly popular ‘Small Office/Home Office’ (SOHO) style telephone system. With many benefits on offer these systems are slowly taking over intercom systems as the preferred option, especially in homes under construction.

The latest telephone systems are affordable and offer similar features to intercom systems, but with the added advantage of being portable so when you move home you can take these systems with you.

A “SOHO” system is an all-encompassing communication system. Catering for multiple lines, it makes it possible to see who is required to answer the call. Our systems can also be used to talk between rooms or for gate or door access control after talking to the visitor at the outdoor call station.

Home Hubs are also increasing in popularity these days with the computer age never more apparent, the hub allows multiple data connections from a single ADSL line. Most high schools today require students to complete all homework assignments on a computer making a data point behind the student desk invaluable

Securemore Electronic Security is Skilled in residential telephone system installations. Our technicians are kept abreast of the latest in technological developments so they can bring the latest products and services to you. If you’re looking for a SOHO solution for your home or office speak to the team at Securemore Electronic Security .