Intercom systems play an important role in residential and commercial security, allowing the identification and screening of visitors.

Securemore Electronic Security, only stocks the leading makes and models of both audio and video intercom products. Intercom systems are perfect for residential apartments and tower blocks, and a real benefit at commercial premises.

With many types of handset and entrance unit models available, and a huge variety of configuration options, intercom systems have a wide range of building applications.

Audio intercom systems

Audio intercom systems allow you to speak to visitors via a call station at the entry, which is connected to an internal unit that houses a handset and control functions. Once confirming the visitor’s identity, you can allow guests into the home by releasing an electronic door strike that unlocks the door.

Video intercom systems

Video intercom systems allow you to visually monitor an entrance as well as speak to visitors via a built-in camera linked to an internal unit that includes a monitor, handset and control functions. Again, you can release a door strike via the control panel to unlock the front door.

Audio and video intercoms have been very popular for a number of years’ as security has become a higher priority. Trust Securemore Electronic Security to select the right system for your requirements.