Easy, convenient, versatile and healthy

Securemore Electronic Security are at the forefront when it comes to ducted vacuum systems. If you are tired of pushing and dragging around the traditional style vacuum, tripping over leads and cords, smelling the odours expelled from the back of your vacuum or marking your walls and furniture as you move around with your vacuum cleaner, then you need a ducted system.

The ducted way is the easy way to vacuum.A ducted vacuum system can easily be installed into any home under construction, or if a roof space is available and accessible, installed in an existing home. The PVC piping is simply installed in the walls of your home and connects back to a vacuum unit installed into the garage or some other non habitable space within your home. Asthma and Hay Fever sufferers no longer have to leave the room while vacuuming is being done.

Ducted vacuum systems are recommended by the Asthma Society. With carpets harboring all manner of biological pollutants you need to ensure your vacuum can remove these potentially harmful irritants easily. Many portable vacuum systems suck up these pollutants but expel fine particles back into the air you breathe.

The ducted system successfully removes these harmful pollutants from your carpet but does not vent back into your home. Ducted vacuum systems vent external to your living areas.Other major benefits to a ducted vacuum system are more power, less noise in the home during use, as well as ease of use. Isn’t it time you replaced your traditional vacuum with a ducted vacuum system?

Speak to Securemore Electronic Security to find out more. You’ll be surprised how affordable a ducted vacuum system really is!